Who is Paul Donahue?

Let’s Start With Some Fun Facts:

  • When I was younger I had dark red, then strawberry blonde hair.
  • I’m grew up on a farm outside of Owosso, Michigan.
  • I attended a Lutheran grade / middle school.
  • Until 1991 I was an only child as was my step-sister.
  • During the years of 1993 – 1994 I raced my jetski and took first and fifth place in the Midwest Watercross Tour respectively.
  • One of my favorite activities in high school other than jet-skiing was “cruising the pits” in Owosso where I developed a strong love for (very loud) music and an appreciation for cars and “mobile technology.”
  • I graduated from Owosso High School in 1996 and started at Michigan State University the same year.
  • I spent around five years working for On Cue / Sam Goody.
  • I once dyed my hair bright blue.
  • I considered a career in film making or music production, but opted to stay away from them because I feared doing so would “ruin the magic.”
  • I have been a “Technology Consultant” in one form or fashion since 1995 doing things from installing car stereos and home theaters, to helping design and build technology solutions for medical schools.
  • I graduated from MSU with my BS degree in Computer Science.
  • I have worked in a number of positions for the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Information Technology Center since 1998.
  • I married my best friend and lovely wife in 2008.
  • Since 2010 I have been a part-time Paranormal Investigator.


Moving Forward:

These days I keep myself extremely busy with my job as Information Technology Manager at the MSU Learning and Assessment Center as well as my role as Educational / Clinical IT Specialist at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

When I’m not working I enjoy Music, Movies, Culture, Travel and Technology. I am trying to spend more time traveling as time and money permit and cannot wait to return to both Europe and Hawaii.

Within recent years I have become increasingly interested in psychology and human behavior and am very interested in seeing how technology changes business, educational, and social environments.

I enjoy a wide variety of beer and coffee and can easily say they are my favorite beverages.